Gallery of Chinese food

Have a look those nice pictures of Chinese food. If you want to get more detailed information. Please click the subtitles which below the blog’s header. You will be attacted by those Chinese food, and love it!

                                 New China  in Liverpool


                                Chinatown in Manchester’s trafford shopping centre


                                 TaiWu in Manchester



                                Tang KTV in Preston



                                WAGAMAMA(Asian style) in Liverpool


                                TAI KA LOK in Chinatown of London


                                Dumpling’e Legend in Chinatown of London


                                Red Chilli in Leeds


                                 Work2eat noodle bar in Preston


                                 Tai Pai Dong in city centre of Manchester


                                 Red Hot in Chinatown of Manchester


                                China Red in Sheffield


                               There are many fantastic food in my journals, please enjoy reading them!  And, waiting for your comments!


My favorite dishes

Hey, dear! I learn a new editing video’s software. Now, I would like to show my result!

This video said that my favorite dishes from Chinese restaurants of North West of UK.

Enjoy your watching, and thanks for watching!

Good news!

There are some good news for you~

Preston’s Chinese restaurants have some discount for customers.

China House: The dishes have 50% discount every Tuesday, but it have not offer booking service

Tang restaurant: Pay cash have 10% discount if you have member card; additionally, member card is free .

Ming restaurant: Pay cash have 10% discount. And now, KTV rooms were added to this restaurant.

Others food discount:

Work to Eat:  student can achieve 10% discount.

Yangs take away: Order main course can get soft drinks; and you can get some snake if you order more 15 pounds or 20 pounds.

My own Chinese cooking show!

Hi, my dear friends. I made a video which is my own cooking show!

Good or bad?   Give me some comments please~

Local Flavors in China

Chinese food are diversity, and it has own culture. Every region came into being different flavors that due to the geographical environment, climate products, and cultural traditions and national customs and other factors. Some places have their own special flavor so that a lot of people like to call them cuisine. Moreover, the special cuisine is divided by some regions. For example, there are Sichuan, Gongdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hui, Fujiang, Lu and Jiangsu. In short, Chuan food, and Guangdong food are more popular in UK. The most famous feature of Sichuan cuisine is spicy. Every Sichuan food is put into different kinds of chili. Also, the food are colorful, red is their highlights. Now, some famous or reponsitive food are shown below.

SiChuan cuisine:

Kung pao chicken

GongDong cuisine:

barbecued pork

Fujian cuisine:

Budda jumps over the wall

if you want to see the picture, you can click this website:

(The picture is from

Jiangsu cuisine:

Sweet and sour spare ribs

Zhejiang cuisine:

West lake fish in vinegar gravy

(The picture is from

Hunan cuisine:

Fired pork sliced and pepper

Anhui cuisine:

Fuli stewed chicken. (You can click the website below if you want to see the relevant picute)

(The picture is from

Sichuan cuisine is the largest cuisine in China. The main feature is very spicy.

  Cantonese cuisine is the second largest cuisine. Not only Hong Kong, Macau, and in the restaurant world, the majority of Cantonese cuisine is based.However, the representative of overseas Chinese cuisine is Cantonese food.

Ok, we can find more and more similar taste of home in UK.

Lots of restaurants will be shown in my blog.

Can we look for together?